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UWTC Begins Grant Selection Process


United Way of Transylvania County (UWTC), has begun the proposal review and selection process for the upcoming grant funding cycle, despite the fact that UWTC still needs $54,653 to make its campaign budget for grant allocations.

“We are proceeding with our review schedule, and we continue to hope that we will receive enough donations to cover the programs we want to support in our community,” says Tim Robinson, voluntary Chair of UWTC’s Allocations Committee.

“I would like to finish out this grant cycle as Allocations Committee Chair knowing that there is enough money in the UWTC coffers to cover all of the important programs that we want to support…I hope members of the community understand how critical this is,” Robinson adds.

Robinson’s tasks include locating other volunteers willing to serve as review team members for programs and collaboratives in UWTC’s focus areas of Health, Education, Financial Stability and Collaborative Programs.

“Of course, members of the UWTC board serve on the committees…I also invited other community members based on their areas of expertise and interest in community service,” Robinson explains.

Education Focus Team members are Julie Alexander (chair), Robert Anderson, Kris Fulmer, Heather Knox, Pete Pepinsky, and Dee Whinnery.

Health Focus Team members are Fred Cantler, Julie Nease (chair), Bill Reicke, Paula Satkamp, Marilyn Stifflear, and Steve Smith.

Financial Stability Focus Team members are Bob Brockway, Janet Grey (chair), Cathy Strassner, and Paul Welch.

Collaborative Focus Team members are Shelia Carland (chair), Bob Jenkins, Sylvia Keener, Jane Stamey, and Jim Trefz.

Volunteers attended one of two recent trainings Robinson scheduled. Topics included specific objectives within the 3 UWTC focus areas, how to conduct site visits, a review of criteria for assessing applications, a history of funding, and budget considerations.

After completing site assessments and scoring, volunteers make recommendations to focus area chairs, who create a package for UWTC’s Executive Committee. Recommendations then go before the full board for final allocation decisions. Awards are announced at an agency meeting and training in early June. 

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Thanks to these employees for giving for 2014:





Thanks to the folks at Transylvania Vocational Services (TVS) for helping United Way of Transylvania County share our message with our neighbors. TVS staff and clients step up to the plate and exceed our expectations with mailing preparations throughout the campaign year. Thank you, TVS for all you do to support the United Way!  You have heart and it shows.

Life, Death and Taxes


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87 kids avoided protective services through CONNECT!



 Let's Connect!

Connect is a collaboration, a synergic program between agencies,  initiated  through United Way to reach at risk children and families.  Our goal is:

  • to keep families stable and safe,
  • to prevent child abuse and neglect,
  • and to close the gap created when at-risk families do not meet the state's criteria for Child Protective Services intervention.  

School teachers, social workers, and United Way partner agencies now have a venue to refer at risk kids. 

CONNECT is a referral agency for concerned neighbors, family members, churches,  health providers and other organizations, encompassing both private and public partners throughout Transylvania County.

Since August, 2012, Connect has:

  • successfully resolved 91 cases,
  • and has made referrals for housing, counseling, medical attention and other services.

The CONNECT collaborative has grown from the original three organizations: The Department of Social Services, our partner agencies The Children's Center and The Family Place, to include Transylvania County Health Department and Transylvania Cunty Schools and more.

Data suggests that every  $1 United Way invests in the CONNECT collaboration, citizens of Transylvania County realize a $2.91 savings in costs associated with  health care, homelessness, and foster care.

Of course, the real bonus is in providing our children their opportunity for an education, a great dream job, and a happy, healthy family of their own.

The power is in the collaboration.  CONNECT is the first of many collaborations being forged by your local United Way.

If you have ever wanted to make a real difference in a childs life, an opportunity to impact poverty in Transylvania County,  consider an investment in United Way today.

Making a difference today, for a better Transylvania tomorrow.



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Tracking our Progress!
Board Meeting
5/22/2014 3:00 AM - 4:30 AM
What happens when you dial 2-1-1?


Referral Specialists:

  • listen to callers,
  • assess needs,
  • identify appropriate resources, and
  • provide detailed information to connect people with services.

They provide information,

  • referrals,
  • advocacy,
  • crisis intervention and
  • follow-up as appropriate. 

That's how we LIVE UNITED!

  • Food, Housing and Utilities
  • Child Care & Education Services
  • Financial Education/Credit Counseling
  • Health Care
  • Job Training
  • Counseling/Support Groups
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  • Senior Services
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Disaster Services and so much more


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Leading The Way

The United Way of Transylvania County's Waterfall Society is modeled after the Alexis de Tocqueville Society, developed by the United Way of America and named in honor of Alexis deTocqueville, who paid tribute to the generosity and good will of the American People in his 1935 work, Democracy in America.

Waterfall Society membership is comprised of United Way of Transylvania County donors contributing at least $1000 per campaign. To find out more, call 828-883-8822 or message



The Connestee Connection

After the loss of major manufacturing and subsequent funding sources,

the residents of Connestee Falls took action!

These outstanding neighbors understood the challenge, embraced the possibilites,

and became strong supporters of the United Way of Transylvania County.

Thank you, Connesteeans for the United Way!

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